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  • Eugene Lih

    My background is in tissue engineering with the focus on chemical synthesis and
    modification of in-situ forming hydrogels and other biomedical materials.
    I received B.S in Applied Chemistry and Biological Engineering, and Ph.D in Molecular
    Science & Technology from Ajou University in South Korea. My Ph.D research has
    been focused on the injectable and bioadhesive hydrogels by enzymatic crosslinking
    for tissue engineering and drug delivery systems; cell-supporting scaffolds,
    hemostasis and wound closure, concretely.

    I will be involved in the research on biomedical applications with various biomaterials,
    cells and expertise in; Synthesis and Characterizations of Polymers,
    Design and Preparation of In-Situ Hydrogels, Surface Modification with Biomolecules,
    In Vitro 2D and 3D Cell Culture, In Vivo Animal Study. Please feel free to contact me at
  • Kwang-Sook Park

    My background is in stem cell engineering with the focus on apoptosis and differentia
    tion of stem cells through the physically and chemically modified biomaterials.
    I received B.S and M.S in Biology from Kyungpook National University, and Ph.D in
    Biomedical Science from CHA university in South Korea. My Ph.D research has been
    focused on the modulation of differentiation and proliferation of adult stem cells
    using human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs)
    through the physically or chemically controlled cell culture substrates.

    I will be involved in the research on focal adhesion and cellular morphological changes
    due to cell-material interfacial changes. I expertise in; isolation, expansion and
    differentiation of adult stem cells (hMSCs, HSCs), generation of induced pluripotent
    stem cells using retroviruses, immunocytochemistry and confocal microscopy imaging,
    flow cytometric analysis, western blotting and zymography and various histological
    staining. Please feel free to contact me at   
  • Tarek Bedair

    Hi! I am Tarek, a lecturer at Minia University, Egypt and currently a Post-doc researcher in Dr. Dong Keun Han laboratory at center of Biomaterials, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) located at Seoul. I received my B.Sc, and M.Sc from Egypt in the field of general and organic chemistry, respectively. In February 2016, I received my Ph.D in the field of surface modification of drug-eluting stents to improve their in vivo performance from Korea University of Science and technology under supervision of Dr. Dong Keun Han, KIST.
    My fields of interest include the developments of nanomaterials and the modifications of material surfaces using self-assembled monolayer, polymer brush and biocompatible polymers for drug-eluting stents. My current work is focused on the fabrication of bio-adhesive materials for biomedical applications. In addition to research, I enjoyed playing football, tennis, and watching movies. Please feel free to contact me at “

  • Jungju Ryu

    I have studied in the field of characterization of nanocomposite gels, polymers, and colloids. I received B.S and M. Ed, and Ph. D. in physical chemistry at Hanyang University. My Ph. D. research was focused on dynamic and structural behavior of polymers and colloids in matrix; gels and solutions. I have been technically using dynamic light scattering, small angle neutron and X-ray scattering.

    Currently, I involve in research on natural scaffolds for cell/tissue engineering and applications of nanoparticles for biomaterials. I expertise in preparation and characterization of nanoparticles and nanocomposites. My final goal is to understand phenomena shown in nanomaterials and to realize how we can control apparent property. E-mail:

  • Yoonsun Jang

    I have studied in the field of fabrication, characterization, and application of organic/inorganic hybrid nanomaterials. I received B.S in Polymer engineering at Inha University, and M.S and Ph.D. in Chemical and biological engineering at Seoul university. During my doctoral course, I research the fabrication of various organic/inorganic hybrid nanomaterials, and further characterize their property for biomedical application. Now, I currently work on the fabrication of structure controlled nanomaterials and their application in biomedical device. My final goal is to achieve the practical application of nanomaterials in various biomedical device.

  • Cheolmin Han

    Hello, I am Cheolmin Han, a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Dong Guen Han’s laboratory at Center for Biomaterials, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). I received my B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Materials Science and Engineering at Seoul National University. My Ph.D. study focused on surface modification of dental and orthopedic implant materials, such as cobalt-chromium alloy, titanium, and PEEK using physical vapor deposition and anodic oxidation. I also studied tissue engineering, and bone biomechanics during my other post-doc studies at Dankook University and The Ohio State University. In KIST, I will be involved in the researches on the surface-modified stent system and 3D scaffold systems for tissue regeneration.

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