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  • Seul Kee Lee

    Mahmoud Amr ElNaggar

    Salam (Hello in arabic)! I am Mahmoud an Egyptian Student, currently a PhD student
    in Dr. Dong Keun Han laboratory at center of Biomaterials, Korea Institute of Science
    and Technology (KIST) located at Seoul Under the Supervision of Dr. Joung Yoon Ki.
    My fields of interest include the development of Nitric Oxide releasing stents using
    Lipid Supported Bilayers, Tethered Lipid Bilayer and Liposomes in order to induce
    Endothelialization and prevent inflammation so that the chances of restenosis after
    the employment of stents will decrease. In addition to research, I enjoy making
    Scientific Youtube Videos and i have my own youtube channel with a lot of subscribers
    from the arab world, playing football, tennis, basketball and swimming.
  • Seul Kee Lee

    Eun Young Kang

    I am Ph D. student in center for biomaterials at KIST. My research is mainly studied
    about BVS (Bioresorbable vascular system) and I am interested in processing of
    polymeric materials. My research focused on biodegradable materials that can
    improve the mechanical properties and control the degradation period.

    I am look forward to gain skills and knowledge of biomaterials which are essential for
    my future career as a researcher. Please feel free to contact me at  
  • Seul Kee Lee

    Seul Kee Choi

    Hi, my name is Seul-gi Choi. I am developing my Master thesis research between the
    KIST (IBML) and Korea University in South Korea. My master course researches focus
    on the surface modification of vascular biomaterials for coating and drug delivery.
    Feel free to contact me at  
  • Seul Kee Lee

    Hye Jung Jang

    My name is Hye-Jung, Jang. I am developing my master's degree between the KIST
    and Korea University. My thesis project focus on the reduction of inflammation that is
    caused by stent using modified magnesium hydroxide. Please feel free to contact me
  • Seul Kee Lee

    Dong Hun Ga

    Hello, My name is Dongheon GA
    I am a graduate student in the Biotechnology Department I am currently focusing on
    developing the antibacterial and antithrombotic catheter of cardiovascular in KIST
  • Seul Kee Lee

    Dae-Hwan Kim

    Hello! I'm integrated course student at Intelligence Biomaterial Laboratory in Korea institute of science and technology (KIST) and Nano-Bio Interface Laboratory in Korea University. I'm doing my research in the field of biomaterials, specifically enhancing coronary artery stent functionality.

  • Seul Kee Lee

    Mi-Jin Jeong

    My name is Mi Jin, Jeong. I am developing my master's degree between the KIST and Korea university. My thesis project focus on developing stents contained OEC for rapid re-endothelialization in coronary artery. Please feel free to contact me at

  • Seul Kee Lee

    Seul-Ki Lee

    My name is Seul-ki,Lee. I am doing my Master's degree in KIST and Korea University. My thesis project focuses on bone plate development. Please feel free to contact me at

  • Seul Kee Lee

    Da-won Jeong

    My name is Dawon Jeong.

    I am a chemical and biological engineering department graduate student.

    I'm focusing on developing drug eluting stent at KIST and Yonsei University.

  • Seul Kee Lee

    Mi Kyung Park

    Hello, I'm Mi Kyung, Park, studing for a master's degree at KIST(IBML) and Korea University. My research focused on bioadhesive nanomaterials and biofunctional polymers for tissue engineering and drug delivery systems. Please feel free to contact me at

  • Seul Kee Lee

    Yun-Ah Kim

    My name is Kim Yun-ah. I'm majoring chemical and biological engineering in Yonsei Univ. Current work is fabrication of optimum PLGA scaffold for kidney tissue regeneration at KIST.

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