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  • Anti-inflammatory nano-composite
  • The inflammatory response of biodegradable polymer was appeared by foreign body reaction and acidic environment.
    Inflammation, wound healing and foreign body responses are generally considered as components of the tissue or
    cellular host responses to injury. Our novel composite systems composed of biodegradable polymer and modified
    magnesium hydroxide overcome the drawbacks caused by inflammatory response and poor mechanical properties of a
    biodegradable polymer matrix.
  • Anti-inflammatory nano-composite
  • Schematic expression of suppressive effect of PLLA/Mg-OLA composite on inflammatory response caused by PLLA
    degradation when PLLA matrix is implanted into the body.
  • Nonvascular Stent
  • Non-vascular stents on the contrary are used for clearing the occlusion or strictures in the non-vascular conduits, for
    example in the oesophagus, biliary duct, trachea, bronchi, sinus cavities, ureters, and urethra.
  • Vascularized Tissue Regeneration
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